Our mission is to empower sex workers in the adult club industry to feel beautiful and confident in their body with sexy dance wear so they can make $$$.


We started as a small boutique located inside of Ritz Houston. We have since separated from the original in-person store and grown into a solely online only boutique.


We aim to bring the latest and sexiest in exotic dance wear and stripper wear. We want to make you standout from the girls on the floor and help you bring home the money whether you're on stage or when you're giving dances, working the floor, and on stage.


Hi, I'm Kate! I figured this was a great place to put more information about me! I'm 26 years old and I grew up in the adult club industry. My mom started at our club, Ritz Houston, over 27 years ago and has moved up to be a bit of a jack of all trades. She takes care of day-to-day operations, plans parties, and she even used to take care of the store, aka the original "Golddiggers Boutique."

I was lucky enough to come to the club with her on a regular basis. Of course, when I was little, I was enjoying all my days in the upstairs office away from the loud sounds of the club, but I could definitely hear the music from the back closet in the office, and I can 100% attest that this is my music taste is very early 2000s hip hop and top 40 pop!

As I grew up, I always browsed the lingerie/dance wear catalogs for fun while my mom ordered clothing for the store. Now as an adult, I have fond memories of doing this. It was always my favorite thing to do, and honestly still is. I'm a shopper at heart. 

Once I turned 18, the store's position became available and I somehow managed to convince my mom to let me run the store. I poured my heart and soul into it and helping the girls at our club look and feel amazing! I learned so many things within the first few years of working in the store. The main things I learn - quality outfits & shoes, the wants and needs of your average girl, and getting to know the industry on a deeper level. 

In 2019, I then started our very own website and started posting on Instagram! It has been so much fun to learn even more by connecting with sex workers/dancers online. I now find as an adult that the stigma for sexworkers is real! I hope to do my best to bring awareness to people outside of the industry, and break down the stigma going forward. I'm also so excited to continue to bring beautiful high quality pieces at affordable prices to everyone. My main goal is to help girls feel confident in their outfits and make more $$$!