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Our Location

We are located inside of Ritz Houston.

10520 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77034

Front Door: 713-944-6445 

Store Hours:

    • Mon: 11am-2am
    • Tues: 11am-2am
    • Wed: 11am-2am
    • Thur: 11am-2am
    • Fri: 11am-2am
    • Sat: 12pm-2am
    • Sun: 6pm-2am




In-Store F.A.Q.

 Do I have to work at Ritz Houston to shop? Anyone can come in and shop.
Is there an age limit to come in?

Yes, you must be 18+. Children are not allowed.

Where can I park to come in and shop?

There's a parking lot in the back of the building. Please park at the very back half of the parking lot and come in. If you park at the front, you may have to pay valet fees.  

Do I need a male counterpart, escort, etc. to come in and shop?

No, if you are just coming to shop you will not need an escort to come in. However, if you plan to come in and hang out at The Ritz afterward, then a male counterpart may be needed.